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Dear Lili, Julie, and Daniela-- I wanted to thank you for the very positive experience my daughter and I had with you ladies recently. As you know, I was pretty anxious about how willing (or not so willing) Sophie would be to cooperate during the photo session. I had had a not so positive experience at another studio where she didn't want to stay in the studio area much less smile for a picture. I was amazed at how easily you were able to engage her and then guide her to pose for some fabulous shots. The pictures turned out beautifully and it was very difficult to narrow them down for printing. I loved how diverse they were! I look forward to bringing the older kids in for a photo session sometime this summer. Thank you, Jill

Dear Daniela, Lili, and Julie,Y'all are great! For months leading up to meeting the three of you, I had been contemplating whether or not to get senior picutres taken outside of the basic ones from school, where to have them taken, and by whom. Through a mutual friend, my mom and I heard about your and your new studio. We both were immediately interested and anticipated meeting you and learning more about what you had to offer. Based on other photographers' works, I had the impression that the photographers made the shoots what they wanted them to be; but after meeting you I realized that I could make it what I wanted it to be. You were so open to the feel what I wanted in my portraits and capturing things that are important to me, like my love for Haiti and the outdoors. Not only did you all want to make these shoots my own, but you also made it clear that you wanted to get to know me and were interested in what I was interested in and what I was looking for. You made the experience personal and made me feel at home and comfortable in front of the camera by taking what I envisioned and making it into my own senior portraits. Not only was the experience and getting to know each of you amazing, but the pictures themselves were beyond what I had hoped for. You are all so talented and have a knack for creating awesome pictures. I am so glad and appreciative to have had this experience. It is one that I will always remember! I would recommend you to each and every person I know who is seeking a photographer because you helped capture an important time in my life and make it tangible. Thank you for everything! - Morgan